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  1. On This Day


On This Day
by Gerry Hazel

On this day of independence
As we gather round
To share and celebrate our freedom
Let’s look for common ground

We are on a road together
That for each of us one day ends
While we’re on this road together
Should we not try to be friends?
I believe you are my brother
though sometimes we disagree
I believe you are my sister
Come now, walk with me.
I believe you are my daughter
I believe you are my son
I believe you are my cousin
Though you speak a different tongue
If you stumble on your journey
I will tend your wounded knee
If I am in need of water
Will you give a drink to me?
When we all can live in peace
That’s when we’ll all have won
Love’s the only answer
The only way that peace gets done

We’ve come to far on this road of freedom to throw it all away
So let’s put our faith in one another
And find a better way
And on this day let’s sing together
On this July afternoon
Let’s all write some new verses
for this American Tune

Copyright 2018 Gerard Hazel