I first picked up a guitar when I was about 7. My mom had a nylon string acoustic at one point when she was into Segovia in the early 60’s. We had one Beatles album and I knew every word to every song. 

I “grew up” on top 40 radio and then when FM came along, on Classic Rock. I always wanted to play music and I had a period a bunch of years ago where I wrote some songs that I think were pretty good, and I was seriously trying to follow where music led me. I was in a couple of bands but then I got married, started a business, had two sons and bought a house. I kept playing but making music moved way down on the list of priorities. 

Now I’m giving music another shot. I’ve written a bunch of new songs and have ideas for a couple of dozen more. This time we’ll see where it takes me. Right now, it’s just me, my guitar and my voice, but I see another band in my future. 

Since I can remember I’ve been one of those people who can get choked up by a piece of music even if it has no words. Music has always spoken to me in a very special way. I read once that the goal of song writer should be to make the audience feel what you were feeling when you wrote the song. That’s what I try to do.   

I still want to be a singer when I grow up. 

I hope you will check out my music. I hope you find something that speaks to you, and I hope to see you one day at a show. 


You delivered all the elements I look for in a singer/songwriter’s set. The entire show was a joy, and occasionally it was mind-blowingly moving. (Is that a word?) Great going. Loved it all.”

— Mark Shaffer , Co-chair of the Folk Project Acoustic Getaway